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1. Voltage Stabilization & Optimisation: Stabilize a wide input voltage range to a very small range, like from 380vac+/-20% to 380vac+/-3%, 400vac+/-15% to 400vac+/-1%, etc.

Products we offered: automatic voltage stabilizers (stabilizer, voltage stabilizer, automatic voltage stabilizer, power stabilizer, regulator, voltage regulator, automatic voltage regulator, power regulator, static voltage stabilizer, static voltage regulator, servo motor voltage stabilizer, servo motor voltage regulator, AVR, voltage optimizer, voltage optimiser, voltage optimization, voltage optimisation, single phase voltage stabilizer, three phase voltage stabilizer).


2. Voltage Regulation: Input 220vac, output 0-250vac; input 380vac, output 0-430vac, etc.

Products we offered: variable transformers (variac, variac transformer, variac autotransformer, variac auto transformer, variable autotransformer, variac variable auto transformer, single phase variac, three phase variac, contact type variac, adjustable variac, variac variable transformer, variable voltage transformer, adjustable contact type voltage regulator, tdgc2, tsgc2, voltage regulator 0-430vac, tdgc tsgc manual voltage regulator, contact type voltage regulator).


3. Voltage Conversion:

3.1 Voltage Step Up & Down: Rated voltage below 1000V, like 380vac to 220vac, 220vac to 380vac, 230vac to 400vac, 240vac to 415vac, 380vac to 415vac, 400vac to 220vac, 1000vac to 690vac, 690vac to 380vac, etc.

Products we offered: dry type transformers (transformer, transformers, autotransformer, isolation transformer, step up transformer, step down transformer, single phase transformer, three phase transformer, voltage transformer, power transformer, step up transformer, step down transformer, electric transformer, electrical transformer, eletric power transformer, electrical power transformer, voltage converter, voltage inverter, distribution transformer)

3.2 Voltage Phase Conversion: Single phase to single phase, 3 phase to 3 phase, single phase to 3 phase, 3 phase to single phase.

Products we offered: dry type transformers and voltage & frequency converters.

Note: Transformer CANNOT convert single phase to 3 phase.

3.3 AC/DC Voltage Conversion: AC to DC, DC to AC.

Products we offered: dc power supply (switching power supply, programmable dc power supply, adjustable dc power supply, switching mode dc power supply, industrial dc power supply, laboratory dc power supply, lab dc power supply, regulated DC power supply, AC to DC power supply, variable DC Power Supply, dc power source, ac dc power supply) and power inverter.



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