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Power Failure

The damage that power failure causes to your system depends a great deal on its timing. If the system is idle when the power goes out, probably nothing will be wrong with the system when the power comes back on. However, if the power fails whilst writing data to a disk you're likely to have a problem. Also the power doesn't fail cleanly, but with spikes and jitters both when it ends and when it comes back on. Some systems survive the power going off and back on without too much difficulty, but the potential for large amounts of damage is there; and of course, you lose any unsaved work.


An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a battery-powered electronic device that continues to supply electricity to the load for a certain period of time during a utility failure or when the line voltage varies outside the normal limits.


Linglam have line interactive UPS and ture online UPS for you, no power interruption when power outage.


A Line Interactive UPS under normal conditions smooths and to some degree regulates the input AC voltage by a filter and a tap-changing transformer. The bi-directional inverter/charger is always connected to the output and uses a portion of AC power to keep the battery charged. When the input source fails, the transfer switch disconnects AC input, and the battery/inverter then feeds the load. The typical efficiency of this type is 90-96%. It is currently the most common design in 0.5-5 kVA power range. Its main applications are small servers and networks.


An Online UPS always delivers all or at least a portion of the output power through its inverter even under normal line conditions, and therefore provides true uninterruptible power with 0 ms transfer time. There are two main types of on-line UPS: double conversion and delta conversion.

A Double Conversion online UPS is continuously processing the whole power through a series connected AC-DC rectifier/charger and DC-AC inverter. An additional bypass switch allows you to support the loads directly from an AC source under some fault conditions (such as the inverter failure). Although such a type provides PFC and better output voltage quality than other designs, the double energy processing results in reduced efficiency (80-90 % typical). This type is common for critical applications.

A Delta Conversion online UPS includes an additional "Delta Converter" that delivers a portion of the energy directly to the load and provides power factor correction. Such partial bypassing the rectifier / inverter stages during normal operation results in higher efficiency (up to 97%).



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