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Power Factor

What is power factor?

Power factor is a measurement of how efficiently you are using electricity. It is defined as the ratio of working power (kW) to total power (kVA).

Power Factor = Working Power (kW) / Total Power (kVA)

A power factor of 0.7 means that 70% of power supplied to the facility is being used efficiently and 30% is being wasted – this waste often results in a higher utility bill.

kVA is produced by a power plant and delivered by your local utility.


Why improve your power factor?

Your utility bill could be smaller – significantly smaller.

Power factor penalties are passed on from the utility. Correcting this problem could save you thousands per month. Power factor costs are often buried in your electricity bill.


Cause of low power factor?

Low power factor is caused by inductive loads such as HVAC units, chillers, conveyers and other facility equipment.

In addition to utility bill reduction, correcting power factor can reduce premature motor failure, improve voltage and efficieny.


What's the solution?

Linglam power factor correction unit (independent use or as a optional part of other products) has been the solution - helping residential, commercial and industrial power users get rid of power factor penalties.

Linglam implements turnkey capacitor solutions to maximize savings and return on investment.



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