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Harmonics are pervasive and problematic


What are harmonics?
Harmonic currents and voltages are integer multiples of the system's fundamental frequency. For example, with a fundamental frequency of 60Hz, the 3rd harmonic frequency is 180Hz (3 x 60Hz).


Harmonics are often overlooked – either for a lack of understanding or for a focus on the symptoms of the problems harmonics cause rather than the underlying source. However, after decades of cleaning up power quality issues around the world, we understand the importance of proactively mitigating harmonics.


Within the last 30 years, energy-consuming devices have changed. Loads, such as computers, telephones, monitors, electronic lighting ballasts, LEDs, and motor drives consume power differently. These devices draw current in a nonlinear (non-sinusoidal) fashion, and in doing so, severely affect the system and its loads. These nonlinear loads increase both voltage and current distortion in the electrical system, which leads to significant energy losses, shortened equipment lifespans, and reduced efficiency of devices.



Linglam can provide the harmonic filters individually or as a optional part of other products to achieve the EMI/RFI suppression.



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