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On the one hand, due to the frequency in the world is different, either 50Hz or 60Hz, so we always will have problem if we import a equipment that needs different frequency from our own country, on the other hand, when we do scientific experiment or research and development of new products, we will need other specific frequency for testing purpose.


Linglam offers 2 following products to solve above problem.


Variable Voltage and Frequency Converter:

It takes the electrical input power at one frequency and voltage and provide an adjustable output voltage and frequency - ideal for testing loads over their full voltage and frequency range.

Suitable for use with Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive and Non-Linear Loads, it is able to replicate all the numerous single and three phase utility mains voltages and frequencies deployed thoughout the world.


Frequency Inverter:

Also called frequency converter, variable-frequency drive, VFD. It's a power conversion device running at mains power (60Hz / 50Hz). The frequency inverter converts a basic fixed frequency (50Hz/60Hz), fixed voltage (220V/380V/480V etc.) to a variable frequency (maximum frequency up to 400Hz), variable voltage (maximum voltage equal to input voltage) to control AC motor speed.

Frequency inverter takes advantage of controlling AC motor in variable speed for energy saving. If you gain an understanding of frequency and how AC motor is wound you will find that understanding the frequency inverter will be quite straight forward.

Nowadays, frequency inverters are widely used in many variable frequency systems, such as mechanical drive systems and control systems. It is important to improve the control strategy to make the frequency inverter adaptable to different situations.

Note: Frequency inveter cannot be used as power supply.




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