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220v 60hz to 380v 50hz frequency converter

220v 60hz to 380v 50hz frequency converter

220v 60hz to 380v 50hz frequency conveter
input: single phase 220v 60hz
output: 3 phase 380v 50hz
50hz to 60hz, 50hz to 400hz, 60hz to 50hz, 60hz to 400hz, etc

Variable Voltage and Frequency Converters take the electrical input power at one frequency and voltage and provide an adjustable output voltage and frequency - ideal for testing loads over their full voltage and frequency range.

Suitable for use with Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive and Non-Linear Loads, it is able to replicate all the numerous single and three phase utility mains voltages and frequencies deployed thoughout the world.

They are not only different from frequency controller (frequency inverter) which used for adjusting motor speed , but also ordinary AC power supply. Ideal AC power supply is characterized by stable frequency, stable voltage, zero internal resistance, and pure sine wave voltage (distortionless).

They are very similar with the ideal AC power supply, therefore, more and more developed countries use it as the standard power supply in order to provide the best power supply situation for electrical equipment and test their technical performance. Ideal for use in Testing Centres, Research Labs and Testing on Production Lines.



1 Strong impact resistance: it can withstand 2-3 times of the load surge current
2 Good frequency stability: ≤0.1%
3 Wide frequency range: 5-1000Hz can be customized
4 High voltage regulation accuracy: +/-1% or better
5 Fast response time: ≤2ms
6 Wide voltage range: input +/-20% or larger range, output 0-1000V can be customized
7 Good output waveform, output pure sine wave
8 DSP digital control
9 Using isolation voltage and current sensor
10 Optional input APF correction, low input harmonic current, high power factor
11 Imported IGBT power modules, good impact resistance
12 Intelligent IGBT drive module and high isolation power, strong protection function
13 Complete parameter display, easy to check the working status of every part
14 IGBT / SPWM circuit mode, small size, low noise
15 Transformer isolated output, strong anti-interference capability
16 Three phases voltage vector control, three phase can be used individually

Model Description
LL-33005: 3 phase input 3 phase output 5KVA         
LL-11005: 1 phase input 1 phase output 5KVA       
LL-13005: 1 phase input 3 phase output 5KVA       
LL-31005: 3 phase input 1 phase output 5KVA 
Manufacturing Capacity
Single phase horizontal type 500VA-2KVA             
Single phase vertical type 3KVA-300KVA               
Three phase vertical type 3KVA-800KVA
Circuit Mode
Single phase: 220v±20%  Three phase: 380v±20%     
Product can be OEM as per your input voltage
50 / 60HZ ± 5%
Line voltage:
Low-grade(V-L): 0-260V adjustable;
High-grade(V-H): 0-520V adjustable                  
Phase voltage:
Low-grade(V-L): 0-150V adjustable;
High-grade(V-H): 0-300V Adjustable
Max output voltage manufacturing capacity: 1000V
Single phase: 1 phase, 2 wires;
Three phase: 3 phase, 4 wires ( each phase can be used independently )
Ordinary: 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz fixed, 47-63Hz Adjustable;
Optional: 100Hz and 200Hz;
Output frequency range manufacturing capacity: 5-1000HZ
Frequency Stability
Response time
Voltage Stability
≤1.5% (Test with No-load or pure resistive load).
Output Display
LCD Display, Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power, etc
Protection Function
Over Voltage, Overload, Over Current, Over Heat, Short Circuit Protection, and Automatically Alarm.
Insulation Resistance
Withstand Voltage Insulation
1800VAC / 5mA / 1minute, no breakdown, no flashover
Overload Capacity
120%/1h; 150%/1min; 200%/20s
Cooling Mode
Natural Cooling or Fans Cooling
Working Environment
Environment Temperature: -10 -+50℃               
Altitude: ≤1500m                                  
Relative Humidity: 0 -90% ( No Condensation )


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