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3 phase low frequency online ups

3 phase low frequency online ups

3 phase low frequency online ups
Low Frequency
True on-Line
Static Bypass (Uninterruptible Switch)
Dual Conversion
Input & Output Galvanic Isolation

Brief Introduction:

LL-3/3U series 3 phase input & 3 phase output low frequency online UPS with an isolation transformer at output. The Load is supplied continuously by the inverter with clean, stabilized and regulated sine wave output power. Input & Output filters increase the immunity of load from power disturbances and surges.

LL-3/3U series UPS is useful for mission critical applications like IT, Computer Room, Data Centers, Hospitals, Precision Instrument, Intelligent Equipments and Industrial Automation, etc.

Thanks to state-of-the-art microprocessor / DSP based outstanding advanced technology design. LL-3/3U series Double Conversion Online UPS can be used for monitoring various parameters of the UPS and also can be useful for remote monitoring / control on the web by adding SNMP Card (Optional).


Main Features:

• Online double conversion
• IGBT inverter and output isolation transformer
• 3 phases UPS allow 100% unbalance load
• Fully DSP control, high reliability and performance
• Wide input voltage range
• DC cold start function
• Advanced battery charging management
• Intelligent fan speed control
• ECO mode and EPO function
• Intelligent RS232/RS485 communication port
• SNMP adapter (optional)
• Advanced no-master-slave parallel technology (optional)
• Intelligent battery monitor system - MMBM (optional)
• 12 Pulse rectifier (optional)
• Bypass isolation transformer"




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