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laboratory dc power supply  

laboratory dc power supply  

laboratory dc power supply
both output voltage and current are 0-100% adjustable.

1. Product Summary

1.1 Adopting no low frequency transformer switching power supply technology, so it has AC and DC compatible input function, also the input voltage range is wide.

1.2 Adopting the advanced switching power supply control technology (main control system adopts multi-loop control technology), components & parts (high quality imported materials as main power components & parts) and elaborate design (reasonable structure with anti salt mist and acidification treatment).

1.3 The output constant voltage value (output current<output voltage when output constant current value) and constant current value (output voltage<output current when output constant value) can be continuously adjusted within the range of respective maximum value (0~100%).

1.4 The output constant current value is adjustable, which brings convenience for a lot of applications, such as plenty of debugging applications, decrease the constant current value can conveniently and efficiently protect the load equipment safety.

1.5 Output voltage and output current are respectively and individually digital displayed.

1.6 Many units can be parallel operated to enlarge current, and it has automatic current sharing function.

1.7 It can provide 2 (0-5V) analogue signals to adjusting the output constant voltage value and constant current value; it can provide 5V level signal input port to control unit turn on and off; it can provide function of sampling outside of positive and negative pole to reduce the voltage drop on the wire.

1.8 It has good energy saving effect. Due to adopts the high frequency transformer, the conversion efficiency is improved greatly, under normal condition, its efficiency is 10% higher than SCR type, under 70% load condition, its efficiency is 30% higher than SCR type.

1.9 It has high output stability. Due to system fast response (microsecond), it has strong adaptability to the grid or load changes, output accuracy can be better than 1%, because of switching power supply high working efficiency, the control accuracy can be high, which is good for product quality improvement.

1.10 It has the features of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, which ensures the stability and credibility of long-term full-load operation.


2. Working Principle

The input AC or DC voltage goes from "Input Wave Trap" circuit to "Rectifier And Filter" circuit, the high voltage DC voltage obtained, "Power Conversion" inverts the high voltage DC to a high frequency AC (about 35 kHz), high frequency transformer convert it to the required voltage of output, via high frequency rectifier filter, the output voltage obtained.

"Control Circuit" sampling the output voltage and output current, the PWM signal that generated after closed loop feedback controls "Power Conversion" circuit, make the output voltage or current keep stable.

The "Auxiliary Power Supply" is also composed by switching power supply. Due to completely no low frequency transformer, it has AC and DC compatible input function. Both output voltage-stabilizing and constant current are sampled from output side, it makes unit highly stable and reliable.

"Protection Circuit" provides cooling fan temperature control, overheat protection, output over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection, etc. 


Power Range
AC & DC Compatible Input
Single Phase: 220VAC±15%; 230~330VDC
Three Phase: 380VAC±10%; 450~600VDC
Power below 5000W, default input voltage is 220VAC, 380VAC and other voltage can be customized.
Power above 5000W, default input voltage is 380VAC, 220VAC and other voltage can be customized.
Output Voltage & Current
Any range within 0-1500V and 0-2000A can be customized
Output Adjustable Range
Both constant voltage and current value are 0~100% adjustable
Working Frequency
Source Voltage Regulation
Load Regulation
Constant voltage≤1%
Constant current≤2%
Line Regulation
Constant voltage≤0.3%
Ripple Voltage
Total Ripple Voltage Vpp≤2% (Max.) (60V*2%=1.2V)
100Hz Ripple Voltage Vpp≤0.5%(Max.) (60V*0.5%=0.3V)
Digital Display
Output voltage and current respectively & individually displayed
Output voltage display accuracy: +/-1.5% 
Output current display accuracy: +/-2.0%
Insulation Resistance
Input-Output: ≥50MΩ
Input-Enclosure: ≥50MΩ
Output-Enclosure: ≥80MΩ
Insulating Strength
Input-Output: 1500VAC, 10mA, 1minute
Input-Enclosure: 1500VAC, 10mA, 1minute
Output-Enclosure: 1500VAC, 10mA, 1minute
≤5% + 2.5A
Build-in temperature control cooling fan. It can not only effectively dissipates heat, but also effectively prolongs the lifespan of fan.
Over-temperature. The unit will shutdown automatically
Output over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection
Start-up with delay and soft start. It avoids high output voltage striking
Over-temperature Protection
Heat Dissipation Duct
Internal heat dissipation duct (left in and right out) or (front in and back out)
Ambient Conditions
Storage Temperature: (-40~70)℃
Working Temperature: (-20~50)℃
Relative Humidity: 90%(40±2℃)
Atmospheric Pressure: (70~106)kPa





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