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scr voltage stabilizer 100kva 3 phase

scr voltage stabilizer 100kva 3 phase

scr voltage stabilizer 100kva 3 phase
Power: 100KVA
Input Voltage Range: 380VAC+/-20%
Output Voltage: 380VAC

ZBW series silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) solid state switching type voltage stabilizer is the third and latest generation of voltage stabilizer, which is desinged with electronic & microprocessor latest technology, using SCR's, static solid circuit, isolation transformers, sensors and control system, managed by a state-of-art digital computer system. The computer system calculates the difference between output voltage and programmed value; then identifies which switches to activate and which sector of which transformer to either increase or decrease the outgoing voltage.

1. Non-Contact/Brushless; No moving parts; No relays.
2. Low maintenance; Reliable operation; Safe protection; Simple installation and easy to use.
3. State-of-the-art Technology: Design with 100% static electronic technology for direct and continuous AC/AC conversion.
4. Solid State High Speed Switching (microseconds): Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR') to suppress harmonics and facilitate the balancing of loads.
5. Failsafe Electronic Bypass (Automatic Bypass): PCB can automatically detect the fault, then go to bypass.
6. High accuracy and fast response time.
7. Independent regulate on each phase.
8. High Purity electronically refined first, second, third winding.
9. 98% or higher typical efficiency with loading from 15%-100%.
10. All power passes through the stabilizer & regulator, which is connected downstream of the main switch and metering system of the main switchboard.
11. Bao Steel cold rolled grain oriented silicon electrical steel with low hysteresis.
It is widely used for energy saving purpose and sensitive expensive equipment, like Medical/IT/Telecom&Communication/Lab equipment etc.

Input Voltage
Three Phase 380V (Optional 200V/220V/400V/415V/440V/480V, etc)
Input Voltage Regulation Range
±20% (Optional ±25%, ±30%, etc)
Output Voltage
Three Phase 380V (Optional 200V/220V/400V/415V/440V/480V, etc)
Output Voltage Regulation Accuracy
±2% (Optional ±1.5%, ±1.3%, ±1%, etc)
Output Rated Current
Bypass current
Output Voltage Setpoint
Output Method
Soft and delay output, protect load from surge voltage striking
Output Waveform
Pure sine wave, does not change the input signal
Working Frequency
Wiring & Winding Material
Not full copper (Optional Full Copper )
Voltage Regulation On Each Phase
Pure electronic regulation, regulation on each phase individually
Bypass System
Automatic and internal manual bypass
Response Time
Load Power Factor
Unaffected by load power factor
Suitable for 3 phase imbalanced/balanced supply & imbalanced/balanced load
Overload Capacity
5 times of rated output current, last for 1 second
Duty Cycle
Ambient Temperature
-15 to +45°C
Relative Humidity
0-95% (Non-condensing)
Insulation Resistance
Breakdown Strength 
No damage at 2000V for 1 minute
Waveform Distortion
Acoustic Noise
LCD, shows Output Voltage, Output Current, Operation Mode, Regulation Mode and Failure Indications
Input Circuit Breaker, Automatic Bypass or Cut Off Output for Phase Loss/Failure, Incorrect Phase Sequence, Overload, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Short Circuit, Fuse for Each Phase, etc
Cabinet Color
RAL7035 (Optional Other Cabinet Color)
Indoor and floor mounted (Optional Outdoor Installation)
Protection Degree (IP Rating)
IP20 (Optional IP44, IP54, etc)
By convection or with fans
Other Optional Parts & Features
Output Circuit Breaker
External Manual Bypass Switch
Surge Arrester (SPD-Surge Protection Device)
Harmonic Filter
Temperature Meter, Frequency Meter, Digital Multimeter
Different Instruction Indicator Lights
World Famous Brand Parts, Such As Siemens, ABB, Schneider, etc
Over Temperature Protection
Power Factor Correction
Remote Monitoring 











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