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Static Voltage Stabilizer Vs Servo Voltage Stabilizer


There are many major differences between static voltage stabilizer and traditional servo voltage stabilizer. These differences are in terms of construction, operation, reliability and features of both servo voltage stabilizer and static voltage stabilizer. Lets see differences one by one:

The main difference: Working Principal
Servo voltage stabilizer: Electro-Servo Electro-Machanical Switching. The servo motor drives the carbon brushes of adjusting transformer (buck boost transformer) to go up and down (SBW) or in circularly (SVC) to achieve the voltage regulation.
Static voltage stabilizer: Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Solid State Switching. Voltage regulation achieve by pure electronic circuit, designed with electronic & microprocessor latest technology, using SCR’s, static solid circuit, transformers, sensors and control systems, with features of non-contact, brushless; no moving parts; no relays, etc.


1) Voltage Correction Speed:
It does not contains any moving parts. Static voltage stabilizer has pure electronic circuit to achieve correction in voltages. Hence static stabilizer has exceptionally high voltage correction speed than servo voltage stabilizer. On other hand servo voltage stabilizer has moving servo motor with help of which it achieves correction in voltage. Servo voltage stabilizer is electromechanical device hence its voltage correction speed is slower than static voltage stabilizer.


2) Correction Time:
Due to high voltage correction speed static voltage stabilizer has low correction time of 10 to 30 milliseconds as compared to servo voltage stabilizer correction time of 1 to 1.5 seconds.


3) Maintenance:
Since servo voltage stabilizer has moving servo motor, hence it has regular wear and tear which needs maintenance. Due to static nature of static voltage stabilizer, it doesn't need maintenance.


4) Dimensions & Weight:
Servo voltage stabilizer: compact; static voltage stabilizer: very compact


5) Sound:
Servo voltage stabilizer: a little big; static voltage stabilizer: silent operation


6) Output Accuracy:
Servo voltage stabilizer: +/-3%; static voltage stabilizer: +/-1% to 2% for your choice


7) Regulation On Each Phase:
Servo voltage stabilizer: Below 800KVA, regulation on each phase synchronizedly and individual regulation is optional; above 800KVA, regulation on each phase individually (split phase regulating)
Static voltage stabilizer: All units regulation on each phase individually

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